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Ebun Sodipo makes work for black trans people of the future. Guided by black feminist study, with a methodology of collage and fabulation, her work locates and produces real and imaginable narratives of black trans women’s presence, embodiment, and interiority across the past, present, and future. In doing this, Ebun Sodipo fills in historical gaps to create moments of archival pleasure for black trans people. This work takes place across multiple spaces: galleries, festivals, theatre, digital, and print; in varied forms such as sound, performance, text, installation, video, and sculpture.


Her work has been shown, read, watched, and performed at Frieze London, Cubitt, 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning, Goldsmiths CCA, Narrative Projects, Raven Row, The Block Museum of Art, SHOWStudio, South London Gallery, Arcadia Missa’s How To Sleep Faster, Auto Italia, ICA, Tate Britain, Text zur Kunst, Bergen Kunsthall, Wasafiri, Glasgow CCA Annex, Camden Arts Centre. She has undertaken residencies at Gasworks, Porthmeor Studios, Rhubaba Gallery, and V.O. Curation

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