Ebun Sodipo is an interdisciplinary artist and writer working with internet archives to craft an oblique, affective, diasporic language across text, video, installation, sound and performance. They are concerned with the imaginative processes and journeys involved in the formation of an identity, and the building of a self in the context of an incredibly violent modernity. 

Their work finds its impetus in their social positionality/most salient identities: they are queer, non-binary, migrant, African, AMAB, middle class, and black. Raised in Lagos and Abuja, they now live in London.

Their work has been shown and read at 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning Centre, Narrative Projects, Raven Row, Bernie Grants Art Centre, South London Gallery. They have written for Shades of Noir, Arcadia Missa's How To Sleep Faster, Auto Italia, and Afropunk. 




Ebun Sodipo
artist | writer